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rasa / everything you see it me
A deeply spiritual group at the core – so much so that the songs here are all guided towards the aims of Krishna – but one who works with the best sort of jazzy soul styles of the late 70s! The album's become a surprising modern soul classic over the years – a record that was originally aimed at a small audience, but which has moved into countless collections – thanks to its righteous message and warmly jazzy grooves – an approach that's quite heavy on smooth keyboards too! Lead vocals are mostly by Chris McDaniels – who's got a laidback blue-eyed soul approach – but a few other singers are featured as well – and Randy Brecker also plays a bit of trumpet on the record. Titles include the funky electric groover "Chanting", plus "Everything You See Is Me", "Just For Believing", "The Dream Is Over", "Within The Sound", and "Question In My Mind"

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